PhDone….Now What?

I’ve been unintentionally absent for several reasons. The main reason being…I’m graduating! Yay! Finally! I’m not quite sure how to feel yet…will it be anticlimatic like the boards? will it be scary? Mostly I’m excited for the next step. I’ve realized that I’m a wanderer at heart and I’m ready to move on to the next … Read more

75 cents on the dollar

 On one hand, I want to be completely objective and present   this post in a fair light. However, this post comes on the heels  of the Wendy Davis v. The Republicans of Texas and Classroom assistants v. Galloway/Dumfries. So I’m not feeling particularly objective today. I’ve known for a while now that women do … Read more

Deep Impact

There are two things scientists hold dear: 1. Our credibility/ethics 2. Our impact on our field of interest and society as a whole I think credibility is pretty much everything (in any field really), but especially in science because one misstep could be career suicide. One falsified piece of data…one retracted paper…even one allegation of … Read more

So you wanna go to grad school?

It’s that time of the year again, when young, impressionable and in some cases..old, impressionable people who love science are preparing for their graduate school interviews. Ah interview weekends…scary and fun at the same time…i distinctly remember all my interview weekends. I was so nervous! Here are some hopefully helpful things to keep in mind … Read more

A life in science

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life. As a grad student, sometimes I get so focused on one thing that I tend to forget to take a step back and really appreciate and acknowledge how awesome it is that I get to do research for a living. Such … Read more

Leaving the nest (MyIDP: career planning for graduate students and postdocs)

As I embark on the final quarter of my graduate career, I am often filled with a sense of uncertainty. Let me explain. My original goal was to return to graduate school in order to obtain a strong scientific foundation for a career in the pharmaceutical industry. My plan was thus: Get a PhD Get … Read more

Russian Roulette…(aka Choosing a thesis lab)

DISCLAIMER: These opinions are strictly mine and not backed up by any scientific evidence.   As a 4th year graduate student, I don’t think I’m seasoned enough to be jaded/disillusioned. I also think I still remember my trepidation on choosing the lab I was going to spend the rest of my 20’s in. So here … Read more

The problem with big Pharma

The recent economic crises hit hard across the board taking no prisoners. Funding for academic research has dropped significantly and in industry there have been massive layoffs. “According to recruitment specialists Challenger, Gray & Christmas (Chicago, IL, USA), the number of pharmaceutical industry jobs eliminated in the first ten months of 2010 was 45,263 (in … Read more