75 cents on the dollar

rosieforstem On one hand, I want to be completely objective and present   this post in a fair light. However, this post comes on the heels  of the Wendy Davis v. The Republicans of Texas and Classroom assistants v. Galloway/Dumfries. So I’m not feeling particularly objective today.

I’ve known for a while now that women do not get paid the same salary for doing the same work as men. Even with the same level of education and experience. Although the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963,this is still going on in 2013. Mind boggling, I know…and also frustrating. It really doesn’t make much sense to me..and I would love to hear arguments in support of this craziness.

Let me give you some stats…they are about 2 years old but i don’t think there have been any major improvements to date.

  • Women make up 48% of the workforce but hold only 24% of Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs.
  • Women earn 41% or PhDs but only make up 28% of tenure-track faculty in STEM fields
  • 26% of women with STEM degrees work in a related field
  • Men earn 16% more per hour than women in STEM fields (this is compared to 27% more per hour in other fields)
  • Women working in STEM jobs earn 33% more than women working in other fields

Now, the last two points make a good case for why more women should consider pursuing STEM careers….as we should. My point in all this however is this…it goes without saying that women and men..in any field..with the same level of education and experience..should receive equal pay. If all “men” are created equal according to the Declaration of Independence, then we should all get paid equally. Some reasons often cited as to why women don’t get paid the same are:

1. Women are always taking time out of work to have children (blank stare..apparently, the baby making process no longer requires a contribution from men)

2. Women work so that the household has a second income for extras

3. Women are less educated (not true apparently women have been earning more bachelors degrees than men since 1982)

4. Women are not as good at negotiating salaries as their male counterparts…(SO make it a law..punishable by death!..kidding!..that way no negotiation is needed)

  • This will blow your mind….”No job in our nation requires less experience than that of Senator or Member of Congress. All you have to do is get elected. From day one, a newly elected woman senator earns the same salary as her male counterpart with 5, 10, 20 or more years experience. Why? Because it is the law. ” –OpED

What say you?

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